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Christian Unions are missional communities on campus led by students.  Students are best placed to reach other students for Christ, as they have maximum integrity with university authorities, maximum creativity and maximum opportunities for evangelism. I know this is all true becuase it is written on the UCCF website

CU students are the best placed, but are they the most able? Are 19-year olds really the most confident and competent to declare and demonstrate the Gospel? Can they communicate? Can they answer the difficult questions that they’ll inevitably face?

What might help the best placed become the most able? Christian Persuader Student Groups exist to do exactly that.

This set of articles is primarily for the CPSG leader. If you’re a student preparing a talk, then hopefully you’ll find the articles in the ‘Lunchbar Speakers‘ section helpful.

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Christian Persuaders Student Groups: Why, What & How (Seminar for UCCF Staff)

Christian Persuaders Student Groups: The Why, What & How (Seminar for UCCF Staff). Plus The Launch and Lead a Christian Persuader Student Group Handout

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What Would Be A Good Term Plan

What Would Be A Good Term Plan?

As the CPSG Leader you’ll need to alternate between being proactive and reactive. Proactively, you’ll be teaching students how to create Lunchbar talks from scratch: Teaching Sessions. Reactively, you’ll be chairing feedback for students who are testing out their Lunchbar talks: Feedback Sessions. The question is; which do you do first? How did you learn …

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10109 UCCF Event 27.01.10

Where & When Should We Meet?

Think hard about this. When & Where will pretty much define Who.  Lots, or a few. Students are busy. No really. You need to meet at a convenient place, at a convenient time.   Do a bit of discrete research to discover the timetable and movements of the keenest CU Christians. Choose a venue and …

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10109 UCCF Event 27.01.10

3 Top Tips On Leading The Meeting

And before you start, why not print out a nice set of feedback forms that you can download here 1. Why are we here again? As the CPSG leader, your primary role is envisioning and encouraging student speakers as evangelists / apologists, for today and the future. You’re helping the best placed become the most …

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Persuasive Paul

CPSG Teaching Session 1: Persuasive Paul

The primary goal of this first session is to reassure Christians that persuasion is soundly Biblical; not just optional in fact, but necessary. The secondary goal is to outline and explain the three key Christian Persuaders categories of ‘identification, persuasion and invitation’. Follow the Handout (you may want to right click and ‘Save Linked File as…’) A …

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Story Time

CPSG Teaching Session 2: Story Time

The primary goal of this session is to equip students to write talks that have a strong narrative flow, engage the imagination and are rooted in keen observations of the world around them. Follow the CP Story Time Handout. A sixty minute session might look something like this. 00:00 Welcome, catch up, snack, envision, pray. 00:10 Discussion …

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Elegant Arguments 2

CPSG Teaching Session 3: Elegant Arguments

The primary goal of this session is to give students the confidence to understand an objection and argue a case in response. 00:00 Let’s try and create a four-part talk on ‘The problem of pain: how can a loving God allow so much suffering?’.  Remember these parts as Me, We, Jesus, You. 00:10. Me. Audiences …

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Two Recordings

Two Recordings PLUS Feedback Forms

If you want to hear a couple of 15-minute Lunchbar talks that were recorded at a Christian Persuaders Conference, then follow the links below. If you’re interested in the feedback I offered, you can have a look at the matching forms too. ‘What’s wrong with living for pleasure?’ TALK & Feedback ‘The Problem of Pain: …

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