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There is nothing more satisfying than putting on a really good Lunchbar. The CU are encouraged, the speaker is impressed and who knows what the eternal impact could be. Hope these articles help!

How Do We Mobilize The CU

Organizers: How Do We Mobilize The CU?

You’re organising your first Lunchbar. You’ve crafted a compelling title, booked a brilliant speaker, snapped up a super venue, and printed out posh publicity. Do you want the good news or the bad news? The good news is the Lunchbar will be a complete success if the CU get behind it. The bad news is …

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Organizers: Two Essential Guides

Here are a couple of guides to organising lunchbars that you may want to print out and refer to as you prepare. They may give you some good ideas, and will definitely help you remember all the essentials. The first is part of Michael Ots definitive guide to running CU missions. The second is one …

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Organizers: What Makes A Good Lunchbar Talk Title?

Relevance and Punch. 1. What are your friends’ roadblocks to faith? What if everyone in your CU asked one non-Christian friend… What stops you believing? If you could have one question answered in a Lunchbar, what would it be? Gather a wonderful collection of very relevant Lunchbar issues, and then you’ll need to choose which …

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Organizers: What Makes A Good Lunchbar Series?

Many Christian Unions organise a series of Lunchbars, engaging with a variety of issues and students, and increasing numbers as one successful event can advertise the following one. But what makes a good Lunchbar series? Here are three types to consider. The ‘Weekly Regular’, the ‘Cluster’ and the ‘Events Week’. Some smaller CUs do a …

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What Publicity Actually Works

Organizers: What Publicity Actually Works?

Our lives are dominated by advertising. We’re very quick to judge the quality of something by the design, font, and colour of the publicity. It’s funny when we think about it. ‘Hmm. That’s a nice blue. They must be a quality organisation’. It happens all the time. And people make the same judgements when they …

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Organizers: What Is Essential For The Venue?

Hey! The CU are putting on this lunchtime talk on ‘how could a loving God allow suffering’. There’s a free lunch on offer, anyone can ask their questions and it’s happening in… erm… Where? And what makes the difference? You’ve got two things to think about. To put it bluntly these are 1) getting people …

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What Kind Of Food Should We Serve

Organizers: What Kind Of Food Should We Serve?

“This is complicated. This is messy. This is cheap. This is tasteless. This was a bad idea.” But a wise Lunchbar organiser can avoid all those unhappy thoughts, and save the whole Lunchbar experience by making good decisions about the food. 1. Keep It Simple. Think sandwiches, made and wrapped by the student catering team, …

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How Do We Choose The Speaker

Organizers: How Do We Choose & Brief The Speaker?

The venue is packed out and there is quite a buzz as people munch their lunch. All is going to plan so far. And then you stand up, welcome everyone, explain the format and introduce the guest speaker.  They smile and adjusts their notes while you sit back down. Everything has gone swimmingly so far, …

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Why do Lunchbars raise objections

Organizers: Why Do Lunchbars Raise Objections?

Hasn’t science buried God?’ Isn’t faith just a psychological crutch? Why do CU Lunchbars major on common objections to the Christian faith rather than offer a straight ‘who is Jesus’ type question? There are two main reasons; Biblical and practical. 1. The Bible engages objections. From Genesis challenging alternative creation stories through to Galatians challenging alternative views …

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