Student Groups: When & Where Should We Meet?

Think hard about this.

When & Where will pretty much define Who.  Lots, or a few. Students are busy. No really. You need to meet at a convenient place, at a convenient time.


  1. Do a bit of discrete research to discover the timetable and movements of the keenest CU Christians.
  2. Choose a venue and a time that fits in well with their current plans.  For example, many of the keenest CU Christians in Oxford went to one of the two largest churches on a Thursday night. Their meetings would involve a meal, would start at 7 or 7.30, and there was only a five minute walk between the churches. So the CPSG met for an hour on a Thursday from 6pm, in one of the churches, and served Jaffa Cakes to stop stomachs rumbling. In Reading, many of the keenest CU Christians would be on campus for Small Group Leaders Training on a Wednesday afternoon, so we met at 12 on a Wednesday morning before lunch.  In Warwick, the CPSG also meet on a Wednesday afternoon, as people are on campus, but maybe not in the sports teams.
  3. So Where? Near whatever they are doing next, and ideally in a relaxing and comfortable venue. Giving talks and receiving feedback, so the context must be as fun as possible. A large church room isn’t as good as a small one with kids toys. A uni lecture theatre or classroom isn’t as good as a warm chaplaincy space with sofas.
  4. So When? About an hour before a meal and another nearby meeting.
  5. Pray about it, as the When & Where will pretty much define the Who.