Student Groups: What Would Be A Good Term Plan?

As the CPSG Leader you’ll need to alternate between being proactive and reactive.

Proactively, you’ll be teaching students how to create Lunchbar talks from scratch: Teaching Sessions.

Reactively, you’ll be chairing feedback for students who are testing out their Lunchbar talks: Feedback Sessions.

The question is; which do you do first?

How did you learn to drive? I started in the field behind the house with my Dad in the passenger seat of this classy old white Vauxhall astra.

It was only when I stalled the car for the fifth time that I paid attention to his advice about ‘engaging the clutch’. But I really did pay attention.

With a confident bunch, I recommend starting with a few Feedback sessions; students test out talks, hear each other, realise the challenges, and gobble up the Teaching Sessions. Follow these Links to some Teaching Session options.

How did you learn to tie your shoelaces? Didn’t someone show you how to do it first? What was the business with the rabbit? If no one is up for testing out a talk straight away, do a few Teaching Sessions and help them create a talk from Scratch.

Ultimately though you’ll be alternating between being proactive and reactive, but being mainly reactive as the authentic CPSG experience is a Feedback session with a student speaker. The only point of the Teaching sessions is to ¬†improve the Feedback session talks.

While it’s a lot of fun creating your own topics and issues, we do recommend you work through the Big 5; suffering, science, freedom, relativism and truth.

So maybe an 8-week term plan could be.

Week 1 Feedback: Suffering

Week 2 Feedback: Science

Week 3 Teaching: Pauline Persuasion

Week 4 Feedback: Relativism

Week 5 Teaching: Story Talks

Week 6 Feedback: Freedom

Week 7 Teaching: The QC’s Case

Week 8 Feedback: Truth